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At Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Center we are extremely thankful for the many on-going patient relationships our team has cultivated over the years. We appreciate their continuing trust and friendship and how their referrals have helped us grow our practice. The following are just a few stories from our patients, sharing about their experience at Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Center. We hope they give you a clear picture of how our caring and skilled team serves our patients and of the stunning results achieved.

A caring doctor and staff. Dr. Banthia is very conscious and caring and most of all skilled. He is a perfectionist! I’d recommend him to everyone! Great results.

I had abdominal lipo preformed by Dr. Banthia exactly one week ago. The procedure itself was surprisingly painless and seemed to go by very quickly. Everything was explained to me ahead of time so I know exactly what to expect. It was much easier than it sounded. The results after only one week have been phenomenal. There was quite a bit of swelling (which I expected) for only the first few days. The pain was minimal and didn’t really even want pain medication. After 3 or 4 days, the swelling decreased drastically. I can already see what the results are going to be after only one week, the difference is huge. I couldn’t be happy and can’t wait to see what it looks like next week.

My experience with Dr. Vish Banthia were so awesome. I felt very important and felt the doctor genuinely cared. I have had other procedures done elsewhere but his work was the most gratifying and got the best results from. I would tell anyone who is interested in procedures to come see Dr. Banthia.

I truly enjoyed my experience at Vish Banthia. The staff was courteous and kind and Dr. Banthia was really attentive to my surgery needs. From the beginning I was fearful and doubtful about gong through the procedure but with the help of everyone’s kindness, I finally decided to go through with what must be the best thing I’ve done for myself. They never forced or enticed me to decide to do it, and this meant a lot to me.

Excellent treatment by a very professional physician and his staff.

Great. “No Pain.” Nurses were very professional and caring during laser hair removal.

The service here is phenomenal. The staff is friendly and has the ability to make everyone feel comfortable. The environment is relaxing without loosing its professionalism .

I am 38 and had the ultra mini lift by Dr. Banthia. My family tends to get “turkey neck” over time so I decided to address it early. I am at 3 weeks post-op and still have some swelling. I expect I will be giving this procedure 5 out of 5 when completely healed. The rest of the family is eager to see the result and to see if I can beat biology. I already see an amazing result and would definitely recommend Dr. Banthia.

The treatment was great! Diana was very nice and did a good job. There was no pain at all. I’ll be back again for sure.

I have had laser hair removal here. It’s so great. I recommend it to all my friends. The price was good and it’s fast and efficient and completely painless.

The experience has been great! I have been coming here for 3 years and all of them have been great!

Kiyun is very caring and knowledgeable, providing information about products as needed in a non-pushy way. Her dermabrasion treatment was just right-exfoliating without irritating through the use of high quality products with attention to detail and a nurturing approach.

I’ve been coming to Dr Vish Banthia over a few years to get treatments for my facial scars and hair removal. Dr Vish Banthia has helped me with my problem areas a lot. I like the overall atmosphere here and the staff is very friendly. I’m happy they’ve added aesthetics services here. I will continue to come here for my beauty needs. Thanks Vish Banthia.

The laser and botox treatments I have received have been very successful and make me feel much younger just by looking younger. The doctor, nurses, and office staff have been very caring and professional. Dr. Banthia’s expertise in laser treatment application for my skin has resulted in treatment specific to my needs. I always feel welcomed in the office.

Everyone is very friendly and helpful. I am so glad I picked Dr Vish Banthia for my skin care needs.

I have been coming to Dr Vish Banthia for some time for various treatments. Today, I thoroughly enjoyed a microdermabrasion Rx via Kiyun as prior person, Emily, had moved. Kiyun’s approach was different from prior Rx, most relaxing, skin simply glowing after. Kiyun is verbally pleasant regarding different types of mask etc, soft spoken and performed an excellent job overall. Thank you.

Dr. Banthia and his staff are very nice and he is concerned about you. He did a follow-up call the same day to check to see if everything was ok. He also gives you his personal cell number just incase you need to be in touch with him.

I had two ultra mini lift by Dr. Banthia. The results are amazing. I think the before and after pictures make me look like a different person… a younger person.

I had a very good experience. The staff and Dr. Banthia all treated me like family. We had laughs and jokes during my face lift. They made it all seem easier in the beginning with the swelling. It was the best money I have ever spent.

The Very Best
I can’t stop looking myself in the mirror! My lipo laser treatment removed fat on my abdomen that I’ve had since my teenage years and nothing would get rid of it. The recovery was fast and I started seeing results after one week. I am beyond pleased with the results. The Dr. and staff at Dr Vish Banthia are great. At my post-op appointment two months after the surgery everyone was so genuinely happy for me, which made me feel even better.
Laser Liposuction
I didn’t completely buy it that turkey chin would completely go away. The procedure was just as it was disclosed and I am amazed with results. I also underestimated how much better I would feel about myself and appearance. It really has made a difference in my self-confidence.

I was really worried at first. But everyone was so caring and professional they took all my worries away. I love everything that was done. The whole staff was just amazing. I would do it all over again.

All came out the way I expected or better-staff and Doc were all great!

Dr. Banthia and the entire staff have been wonderful. I was very comfortable being in their able hands and was confident of their competence. The Pre-op information and explanation were a big factor in how I felt. Post-op I was well cared for and was given realistic expectations which I felt were exceeded.

Great doctor-great listener. Wonderful experience A++

Exceeded Expectations
After losing 90 pounds, I had a large amount of hanging flesh under my chin. The staff at Dr Vish Banthia was incredibly supportive and committed to help me make the reflection in the mirror match with my new self image. Ruby was amazing in the working out ways for the financing to work. Dr. Banthia was so clear on the vision he had for my transformation, he wanted to do everything to make this a success. Mary was there every step of the way.
Dramatic Change

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